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Displacement sensor installation requirements
- Jul 26, 2018 -

This is judged according to the vibration and displacement of our measurements. If it is the radial vibration measurement of the shaft, then the diameter of the shaft is required to be more than three times the diameter of the probe. It should also be noted that each measurement point should be At the same time, two sensor probes are installed. The two probes are installed at a position separated by 90° on the same plane on both sides of the bearing. When the radial vibration of the shaft is measured, the position of the probe should be placed as close as possible to the bearing. The probe centerline should be orthogonal to the axis, and the surface monitored by the probe must be crack-free or any other discontinuous surface phenomenon. If the axial displacement of the shaft is measured, the measuring surface should be integral with the shaft and centered on the centerline of the probe with a width of 1.5 times the probe ring.

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