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Pressure sensor detection method
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Detecting the pressure sensor, depending on the purpose, the items to be tested are different, of course, the method of detection will be different.
1. Pressurization detection, the method of checking the sample is: powering the sensor, blowing the air guiding hole of the pressure sensor with the mouth, and detecting the voltage change of the output end of the sensor with the voltage file of the multimeter. If the relative sensitivity of the pressure sensor is large, this amount of change will be significant. If there is no change at all, you need to use a pneumatic source to apply pressure.
2. Detection of zero point, use the voltage file of the multimeter to detect the zero output of the sensor under the condition that no pressure is applied. This output is generally mV-level voltage. If the sensor's specifications are exceeded, the zero-point deviation of the sensor is out of range.
3, the detection of the bridge, the main detection sensor circuit is correct, generally the Wheatstone full bridge circuit, using the ohmic file of the multimeter, the impedance between the input end, and the impedance between the output, these two impedance It is the input and output impedance of the pressure sensor. If the impedance is infinite, the bridge is broken, indicating that there is a problem with the sensor or the definition of the pin is not correct.

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