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Sensor status is deepening
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Sensor technology plays an important role in the field of contemporary science and technology. It is a commanding point in the 21st century for people to compete in high-tech development. In many developed countries, sensor technology is regarded as the key to the development of modern high-tech. Since the 1980s, Japan has ranked sensor technology as the top priority for high salvage technology. The United States and other Western countries have also listed the basic knowledge of sensors as a key component of national science and technology development. At present, the world is facing a new technological revolution. The main foundation of this revolution is information technology. The development of information technology has brought enormous, extensive and profound changes to various sectors and fields of human society and the national economy. It is a powerful driving force for the development of human society today. And it is changing the way traditional industries are produced, driving the renewal and transformation of traditional industries and other emerging industries. In military defense, aerospace, marine development, bioengineering, health care, commodity inspection quality inspection, environmental protection, safety scope, household appliances, etc., almost every modern project is also inseparable from sensor technology. Pressure sensors are the most commonly used sensors in industrial practice, and the pressure sensors we usually use are mainly made by the piezoelectric effect. Such sensors are also called piezoelectric sensors.

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