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What are the conditions for selecting a sensor level?
- Jul 26, 2018 -

The first condition, to meet the requirements of the instrument input, we must know that the weighing display instrument displays the weighing result after the output signal of the sensor is processed by amplification, A/D conversion, etc., so the output signal of the sensor must be greater than or equal to The input signal size required by the meter, that is, the output sensitivity of the sensor, is the matching formula of the sensor and the meter. The calculation result must be greater than or equal to the input sensitivity required by the meter.
The second condition is to meet the accuracy requirements of the entire electronic scale. An electronic scale is mainly composed of three parts: scale body, sensor and instrument. When selecting the accuracy of the sensor, the accuracy of the sensor should be slightly higher than the theoretical calculation value, because the theory is often limited by objective conditions, such as scales. The strength of the body is a little worse, the performance of the meter is not very good, the working environment of the scale is relatively harsh and other factors directly affect the accuracy requirements of the scale. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the requirements from all aspects, and also consider the economic benefits to ensure that the purpose is achieved.

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