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Several Misunderstandings Should Be Avoided When Purchasing Pressure Sensors
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Misunderstanding 1: Brand
Is it true that many people think that foreign brands are better than domestic ones? Domestically produced products are always worse or even useless. In fact, this is a prejudice. China's sensing technology is constantly developing, and it is produced from the traditional type to the new type. The sensor may not be worse than the foreign one.
Misunderstanding 2: Precision
The higher the accuracy, the better? This inertia leads many people to choose the precision in the upward selection when purchasing. It is also considered that the high precision is the most important, but in fact, the stability is more important than the accuracy of the product, and should be established in the high stability when selecting the accuracy. On the basis of sex, do not blindly pursue high precision.
Myth 3: Cheap
Low prices can always induce many people to come to buy, but will you look at the price? Will there be cheap and easy to use products? This kind of situation is rare. It is often the temptation of some bad merchants to throw low prices to sell their own products. These products often do not meet certain quality requirements, because the price of high-quality products will not be low, one point. I have to pay for the goods. I hope that everyone will not be impulsive when purchasing.

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